Types of Problem Gambling Services in Ontario
Community Day / Evening Treatment

A structured, scheduled program of treatment activities typically provided five days or evenings per week (e.g., three to four hours per day) while the client resides at home or in another setting, including residential supportive treatment services, to assist the individual in developing skills to manage substance abuse/gambling and related problems.

Community Treatment

Community Treatment is the provision of community counselling/treatment that includes initial and ongoing assessment and treatment planning, case management activities, brief intervention, and lifestyle and personal counselling to assist the individual to develop skills to manage substance abuse and related problems, and/or maintain and enhance treatment goals. Sessions are individual, family, and group formats with the frequency and length of sessions varying depending on client need and program format while the client resides in the community. Such activities as relapse prevention, family intervention, follow-up and aftercare are included. Services may be offered in a variety of settings, including outreach to the client's home, school, an addiction agency or other service setting. Outreach includes activities such as early intervention but not prevention, education, or public relations activities.

Public Awareness (Problem Gambling only)

A structured service focused on problem gambling prevention and awareness initiatives.


Residential Treatment

Includes a structured, scheduled program of treatment and/or rehabilitation activities provided while the client resides in-house, and to assist clients to develop and practice the skills to manage gambling and related problems. In addition to the scheduled program activities, clients have 24- hour-per-day access to support and the residential treatment milieu.